Found a wonderful new zine that spans cultural matters, from film, theater, dance, and plays, to poetry and fiction, to reviews and critical essays. Scene 4 Magazine, based in England, is a rich offering of international voices, views, and images. In the June issue, my favorite is a poetry feature by a friend --  four surreal, witty poems by Alan Kleiman. Take a look at What A Holiday and enjoy a fun ride.

Sheryl Luna's blog, Dialectical Migrations, yesterday made some good points about Post-Modernism: what is it and what isn't it. Have we moved even beyond that? Luna, whose first collection Pity the Drowned Horses was published by University of Notre Dame Press, has received fellowships at Ragdale, Yaddo and the Anderson Center. I resonate with this statement she makes: "The Post-Modern moves beyond fragmentation and labeling. It is bigger than that. If anything we are all Post-Modern in our sensibilities, our true marginalization in American Poetries. There are simply too many people writing to create such divisions."