Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bloghopping - Stone Path Review and Right Hand Pointing

I found two new literary journals you may like a lot. The first, Stone Path Review, is a new creation of The Edge Magazine poetry editor William Ricci. I like the look and content of this slim new magazine, which is sure to grow. This is the spring issue's lead poem. Look at the editor's statement about his plans, A Work in Progress. Sounds definitely worth following.

And then there's the pithy Right Hand Pointing, a zine that publishes short poems and stories, with art. Edited by Dale Wisely and John Sharp, the magazine is designed to be read in sequence, a smooth all-in-one read because of the brevity of the contents. What you'd expect from editors named Wisely and Sharp.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My poem "Flight" in Valparaiso Poetry Review

I'm so pleased to have a new poem in Ed Byrnes' excellent Valparaiso Poetry Review. "Flight" is from my forthcoming book Gods of Water and Air, to be published by Kitsune Books later this year.