Always cruising around to find good zines to send work to, good blogs to inspire and entertain me, I have recently enjoyed new work in the Manhattan-based BigCityLit. BigCityLit offers a profusion of categories, some of which I still don't get, but here's their basic on submitting:

Individual Works: The New York edition accepts unsolicited submissions of individual poems for upcoming themes listed below and on the Home Page, whereby suggested themes are not intended to be restrictive or preclusive of other individual submissions, and for the Big City, Little (details appear on that page) and Twelve features on an ongoing basis. The key for Twelve is risk; it is of equal interest to us whether the gambit succeeds or fails well. There is no specific length limitation for that section, nor are contributions limited to a single piece. We encourage multi-part poem cycles, for instance.

I find especially creative their notes on formatting, and applaud their font choice: Palatino 14 point.

The Next Big Thing blogging meme, a self-interview on the topic of your next big project, has some great, creative responses. A sampling:


Kaaren Kitchell
Susan Elbe
Susan Rich

My favorite question in this interview: Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition? Interesting especially to see which actors poets would choose to play in their poems! I can see the poem as mini-movie, with short video and still images accompanying the words, music ... It's a good dream.