Non-Contest Poetry Book Publishers & AWP

In case any of you missed the fact that I maintain a list of publishers of poetry books that read outside of contests, here's the link to my web page: Non-contest-poetry-book-publishers. If you have any additions, subtractions, or corrections, please email me or leave a reply here.

And now ... drumroll ... for those of us again this year NOT going to AWP ... I am SHOCKED, SHOCKED, SHOCKED to discover that our cordial and wacky hostess of "Not Attending AWP" Party, Ms. Meg Pokrass, has up and decided that she IS going to AWP this year. Video forthcoming. Explanations, Meg. I'm waiting ...

Let me then be the first to make my commitment to AWP Seattle 2014, and to announce that I am even contemplating proposing a panel. But it will probably be on a topic we can all actually understand, such as Women and Spirituality in Poetry, and thus is likely to be rejected in favor of topics like Writing Masculinities or The Poem of Creation is Uninterrupted. (Actual panel titles.)

Really, I should call my panel Bookfair Concessions, Bar, & Lounge. That's sure to get in.