Facebook Hacking Alert

I've read reports from more than one person of a Facebook account hack that seems particularly hard to quell. Some mischief-maker reports you aren't a real person, FB suspends your account and you have to pass some sort of test of identifying photos of friends to get reinstated. And the worst part is the hacker can do it again -- even if you change your passwords! Disturbing hole in the Facebook security -- or is it a glitch? Signs point NOT to Facebook itself, but to someone with too many skills and too little ambition in life. Could it be an inside-Facebook troublemaker? Spread the word. Be prepared to give your cell number to reinstate and even then it may not hold.

It's very disturbing to someone who uses Facebook to connect with friends, fellow poets and writers, even business contacts. I remember reading in the news of the threat that Facebook itself could be hacked. When we depend on it as our marketplace, it's disturbing to feel that it's so vulnerable. The public square in Athens had to be knocked down to disappear. It would have taken an army. Now it only takes one nasty-minded sourpuss to bring down the whole square, at least for the person hacked.

Of course, if Facebook is vulnerable, their audience will migrate and their stock will plummet. So the best minds that created this place have a vested interest in stopping such attacks on individuals. We'll see if this gets bigger or gets stopped.