National Poetry Month - diving in? Some stuff to do

Ready to dive into National Poetry Month on Monday? I'm pondering how to celebrate it. A poem-a-day? Special poetry hour every day? A poetry book giveaway? I did the poem-a-day challenge with a workshop group for four years in a row, and got a number of good poems out of the exercise. This year, I'm thoughtful about my Poetry Month and trying to write a new poem a day. There are many ways to celebrate, including giving your own poetry book away. Here's a list of stuff to do, from various sites:

30 Ways to Celebrate -

The Big Poetry Book Giveaway

Free April issues of Poetry Magazine for your book club

The famous NaPoWriMo - poem-a-day challenge

You can add your site to NaPoWriMo and take the challenge in company.

I thought revising a poem a day would make sense for me. I have about two inches' worth of poem drafts that have never made it to a second or fourteenth round, but might have some gems to dig for. So I signed up for NaPoWriMo on this blog -- but they may be recycled poems! I'll never tell. (And will remove them after the month so they aren't "published".)

Do you have some ideas? Please post here so we can all have a range of choices.

I'm also having a five-day GIVEAWAY of Earth Lessons for Kindle on Amazon! Starting April 1.