Continuing my April revise-a-poem-daily exercise, I worked on this one today. How's your April exercise going, whatever it is?

Repairing with the Filament of Red Spiders

I stepped out on the deck this morning
while the clouds leapt like whales
breaching the blue surface.
Red spiders had suspended where I walk
to water plants. Had to sweep them
into corners with my broom and reset
their daily task, my daily task.

That’s how your retreat from us
has cut through our spun webs,
giving us each day the need to begin 
with great focus from a single point.

The clouds remind me how big
the ocean is, if left in it, keep stroking,
let it be unconquerable except
leap by leap, carrying the thread.
Let us toss it forward like the red
spiders who while we sleep
must breast-stroke through the moving dark.