How Are We Doing?

At selling our books, that is? Anne R. Allen's blog claims we're probably doing it all wrong if we're working book sales through social media in the ways we've always been told to do it (for the last 18 months is now always in techno-world). I feel so relaxed after reading her list of all the things I don't have to do to promote my books. And the few things I do need to do, my occasional blogging being one.

It's been hard to blog after losing my beautiful dog Nissa month and a half ago. I lost interest in a lot of things for a few weeks, some interest is coming back. Oddly, my interest in getting things published vanished for awhile, but I was avid to write, I wrote my way through sorrow and out the other side. I wrote new things and revised old ones. I journaled and did stream-of-consciousness writing. Wrote poems and plays and worked on my novel, and even song lyrics. Writing saves me over and over again. But I miss her still, very much.