Gods of Water and Air has a cover!

Publisher Karen Kelsay Davies of Aldrich Press, which will bring out my new book of poems, prose, and drama, has unveiled the new cover. I'm very excited!

The goddess here portrayed is Nut, one of the most ancient Egyptian deities and somewhat mysterious. She's an unusual figure, in that most goddesses are portrayed as Earth, while the male gods are represented as Sky. Nut being Sky can span and protect the universe. She felt to me apt because it's a time for feminine energy to be freed and ascendant as never before. (With some current setbacks, of course.) Many of the poems in the book revolve around this new energy. Long may she reign -- and protect.

More information on when the book will be available is coming soon! In the meantime, if you want to be on a waiting list to be notified, send me your email address: rachel@dacushome.com.