How to Prepare for a Poetry Book Launch

1. Hide under the covers a little longer every morning, except that a puppy is your new alarm clock. Get her to hide under there with you.

2. Dither around about the list of review copies to send out. Read poetry book reviews. Cut down your list.

3. Write a new poem and disavow everything you're ever written before this one.

4. Change your name. Consider a last-minute pseudonym for the book. Take a nap.

5. Consider a pre-order discount if book purchased directly (inscribed) from you. Think about where you would post notice of this. Take a nap.

6. Look at Vista Print to order bookmarks. Find no bookmarks. Take a nap.

7. Having set up an author page, consider things to post on it about your forthcoming book. Decide that this blog will be it.

8. Look at your mailing list and work on a note to friends and fans.

9. Look at book trailers. Take another nap.

10. Wake up to find it's another day closer to launch. Read list above. Go back to bed.

11. Oh, yes -- and a party! Time for a nap.