Selling a Poetry Book by Hand

It's a one-to-one affair, a very personal exchange, selling a poetry book of your own. I like that it is so personal, that you have to think about the work and that you're sharing it with each person who gets one. It's a way of making new friends, reconnecting with distant friends, and having a silent conversation with readers. One of the things that dazzles me is when someone tells me about a poem I wrote they really loved, and why it knocked them out. Those are things I carry for years, and carry into my new poems. It's an immense privilege to write and exchange these deep parts of yourself with someone else's deeper self. I know where every book I've personally sold and inscribed is now, and it's a great feeling. Thanks for reading.

Don't forget that poetry books make good holiday gifts, and my special offer makes it extra economical: $11.50 direct from me, signed, shipping included. Beat that, Amazon! Email me if you'd like a copy and I'll tell you where to send a check, or send a Paypal to:

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