Saturday, January 26, 2013

Earth Lessons for Kindle + Multimedia Poetry Ideas

My first poetry book, Earth Lessons, is now available for the Kindle! Very excited to have my first e-book, and planning lots more. I love reading on my phone or computer. Print may be alive and well, but it's so heavy! Plus, it kills trees.

I have plans to make book trailers and some other multimedia things involving poetry. Stay tuned! (Ideas welcome.)

Friday, January 25, 2013

Putting together a poetry book

A great article by Erika Meitner on compiling a poetry book manuscript. She talks about project versus what she calls "mix-tape books"-- a great term for the classical general poetry collection. She discusses the way a "project" related collection can suffer from weak poems forced into being and into the book to support the theme. It's a concern I have, this rampant trend for themed poetry collections. While a themed collection that's strong and can support an entire book is a stunning achievement, I see so many books straining at themes, rather than simply offering the best new work the poet has. I love diversity and the way a poet works her or his ongoing themes forward -- or jumps into new territory. It's part of getting to know the poet as a whole. I feel themed books put me at one remove from that. And so I tend not to buy them.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Journals Accepting Previously Published Poems

Here's a short list of journals where your published poems (in books, anthologies, journals) can get a second life. I'm working on compiling such a list, as I don't find one readily available. Reincarnate your poems! How can they be remembered if only seen once (in a journal) or twice (then in your book) or even three times (anthologized)? I'm for poems circulating widely!

Borderline Poetry Journal

Another short list - journals that take short poems:

Angle Poetry

Suggestions welcome! These lists could be a collaborative effort.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


First of all, I hopped to a new blog site, but got spammed out of existence. So here I am at Rocket Kids again! I hope you're still here.

Found some fun new places to publish poetry. Angle, editing from England and Australia, has a strong preference for poetry in received or nonce forms, but are open to considering any work which has a strong element of rhythm or 'music', however achieved. I like that element of music in language -- it's one of my keys to defining what is poetry as apart from prose.

Hot Street is an interesting new journal of "thinkers, writers, and artists who believe that publishing exists to promote thinkers, writers, and artists—not the other way around." They take literary fiction and nonfiction under 8,000 words that moves and transforms, pushes boundaries, and expands awareness.