Friday, June 28, 2013

Poem up at Stone Path Review

I'm delighted to have my poem "You Are So Tired" included in William Ricci's wonderful spring issue of The Stone Path Review. This one's for all of us who are running on Friday, month-end, or life-expanded overwhelm, for digging deeper to find the water for the long haul of a creative life. Stone Path has as its mission the pairing of visual and literary arts in "the paths we create and the media we use to express that path and the experience." Ricci publishes poems, poetry, prose, photographs, music, video, paintings, short stories – any artistic media. How about plays? A thought.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Life on the Fringe

I had a wonderful gig, approaching poets, writers, and publishers to converse in print about their creative process and the literary landscape. For several years, I did interviews for the marvelous Fringe Magazine. And my blog this week, on the closing of the magazine, contains highlights (links) to some of the many interviews I was privileged to conduct. Enjoy! I sure did. Thank you, editor-in-chief Lizzie Stark and poetry editor Anna Lena Phillips, for including me in this wonderful literary adventure. I've learned so much and had a ball. Long live Fringe! The Archives will remain for your enjoyment and edification. I urge you to dig into their riches.