BIG POETRY BOOK GIVEAWAY! Enter now to win two poetry books

BIG POETRY BOOK GIVEAWAY! Thanks to Kelli Russell Agodon, this April-Poetry-Month giveaway has become an annual event among a group of poetry bloggers. Here's the deal: I'm giving away these two poetry books in a random drawing:

(1) Stanley Kunitz' beautiful Passing Through, The Later Poems, New and Selected (NY: W. W. Norton & Company, 1995). Kunitz is one of my most favorite poets for his passionate, wild heart and his eloquent and vivid imagery. He has stamped his rhythms and clarity on my own work as I read and admired him over the years. (Disclaimer: It has my name in it, but is otherwise in great shape. Even though I read it a lot!)

(2) My newest book, Gods of Water and Air (Aldrich Press, 2013). Deema Shehabi, author of Thirteen Departures from the Moon, said about my collection: "Each poem in this collection is masterfully written, brimming with observation's ardor. She asks us questions that are to be savored. She begs us to grasp time, rein in it, and let it go: 'Be a net. Catch the world by letting the knots slip.'" This collection, which includes drama (a short play) and prose, as well as poetry, feels to me like a bringing together of memories, desires, aspirations, and practice across the decades I have been writing. A watershed and a new beginning. I chose the cover image for its ancient verity: the motherly quality of the earth arches high over our lives, forever ready to nurture and protect, and for poets a deathless source.

All you have to do to enter is to email me your name and email address: I'll draw the name from a hat in May and mail the winner the two books, paying the postage.

If you want to participate, here are the details, at Kelli's blog. Happy National Poetry Month!

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