Blasting off for National Poetry Month with a discount!

What am I going to do for National Poetry Month (April)? This year, I don't have time to write a poem a day, though I used to, and I did it for five consecutive Aprils. But I AM making a special Poetry Month discount offer on my newest book, Gods of Water and Air -- you can get a copy for only $11.00, including shipping, if you order one from me in April. Email me, or send a Paypal to: If you want to send a check, I'll send you particulars.

I also plan to follow the progress of poem-a-day poets in several groups, and perhaps jump in during a week that allows it. I love the idea of a national celebration of our art. But I think instead of asking us to write more poems, the NEA (or some agency like it) should send each poet a bottle of sparkling wine or something plus a large cupcake and a laurel wreath. Just for doing what we do! Being American poets and enriching the landscape.

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