Pirene's Fountain - my poems in Vol. 8 Issue 16

I've had poetry in a lot of journals over many years, but I've rarely been so pleased to have work  alongside such a great group of poets and writers. I was talking about publishers and poetry presses with a friend this morning and we agreed that even if it's on a paper bag, it's the quality of work that outlasts any reputation, prominence, or publicity a publisher might be able to boast of or gain. Pirene's Fountain magazine is one publication I cherish. My poems "False Star" and "The Camel's Teeth," both from my WIP Arabesque, appear in this issue. I've had poems in several other issues too, many from this developing collection. I'm so proud that they have found their way to this fine journal, among these fine poems. Celebrating by reading and rereading, such a pleasure! I don't often feel so proud of having work published. The company indeed matters.

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