7 Days of Total Focus on a New Novel - Success!

Hooray! Balloons rising into the air to celebrate! I have a full draft of Novel #2 - better known as The Romantics. I took a nearly full week (I cheated this morning and attended a business meeting) to make this new book my primary focus, the go-to project (Muse willing) every morning, noon, and night. I started with about 80,000 words of a pretty good draft, but with big holes in some chapters, scenes I knew had to be written but only bookmarked and briefly outlined.

Five days later, I have filled the gaps and added to the word count. It's now over 90,000 and will probably get longer, then shorter, then even shorter, by the time I do a couple of revisions. 

Ready now for a breather. Maybe write and revise some poems, or just stare at the beautiful, cumulus-streaked blue September sky. While it's still September, and before we fully plunge into the new season.

The Romantics is an story about two half-sisters and the cottage in Italy they inherit, with its ghost, the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley. A  tale of love and sisters like Sense and Sensibility, it's also a story of friendship between women similar to The Enchanted April, also set on the Ligurian coast of Italy.

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