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Gods of Water and Air - discount on Amazon!

"From canine reincarnation to the overcoming of physical and emotional trauma within an immigrant community, Rachel Dacus' new book is as deliciously diverse as it is spellbinding." -- Mark Blickley, author of Sacred Misfits

"Rachel Dacus evokes painting and mythology with equal parts grace and lyricism in her new collection." -- Jeannine Hall Gailey, author of She Returns to the Floating World

Femme au chapeau on Amazon

Earth Lessons on Amazon -- now on Kindle!

A God You Can Dance - CD on CDBaby

Combining lyric poetry, music and sounds effects, this CD takes you on a guided meditation through the world of a child, a fish, an auto repair shop -- anywhere you least expect to find the special sparkle of delight hidden in the everyday.
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